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Working together: Evidence on collaboration from the reports of independent watchdogs
This report provides an analysis of the collaboration-related content of watchdog reports in relation to: the overarching interest in (and in-principle support for) collaboration by watchdog agencies; governance issues; capacity issues; and information issues. Throughout the report, the analysis includes quotes from relevant watchdog reports to provide a rich source of commentary and analysis regarding collaboration. It is also set in the broader context of literature on collaboration.

Collaboration between watchdogs: Learnings from the Western Australian Experience
This report describes a pilot research project that has explored collaboration between seven Western Australian (WA) watchdogs: the Auditor General, Public Sector Commissioner, Corruption and Crime Commissioner, Ombudsman, Information Commissioner, Inspector of Custodial Services and Commissioner for Children and Young People. This collaboration could be relevant wherever there is potential overlap in their roles or interests, and/or where integrating activities can provide synergies. Collaboration can include the sharing of information and other forms of communication, collaborative investigations and enhancing watchdog capacity to collaborate. Concerns have however been raised about the implications of watchdogs collaborating, including that it is an impediment to their ability to oversight each other.