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Curtin University
Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

Working Paper Series 2013

The following is a list of Working Papers published by the Centre for Research in Applied Economics. A link to the author's details is provided and where possible, a link to the full text.

04072013 Bloch, H. B., C. Eaton, and R. E. Rothschild. Does Market Size Matter? A Dynamic Model of Oligopolistic Market Structre, Featuring Costs of Creating and Maintaining a Market Position. download»
03072013 Austen, S. E., and T. M. Jefferson. Plain Old Disrespect: Explorations of Recognition and Motivation in Care Work. download»
02032013 Petchey, J. D., An Efficiency Rationale for Expenditure Equalization. download»
01032013 Petchey, J. D., Efficient Environmental Standards with Imperfect Competition. download»

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