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Curtin University
Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

Working paper series

The following is a list of Working Papers published by the Centre for Research in Applied Economics. A link to the author's details is provided and where possible, a link to the full text.

06062012 Brooks, R., M. Harris, and C. Spencer. Inflated Ordered Outcomes. download»
05052012 Greene, W. H., M. Harris, B. Hollingsworth, and T. A. Weterings. Heterogeneity in ordered choice models: A review with applications to self-assessed health. download»
04042012 Bloch, H. B. An uneven playing field: Rankings and ratings for economics in ERA 2010. download»
03032012 Zucchelli, E., M. Harris, and X. Zhao. Ill-health and transitions to part-time work and self-employment among older workers. download»
02022012 Brown, S., W. H. Greene, M. Harris, and K. Taylor. Modelling charitable donations: A latent class panel inverse hyperbolic sine heteroskedastic tobit approach. download»
01012012 Austen, S. E., and G. Redmond. Male earnings inequality, women’s employment and family income inequality in Australia, 1982 – 2007. download»

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