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Curtin University
Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

Working paper series

The following is a list of Working Papers published by the Centre for Research in Applied Economics. A link to the author's details is provided and where possible, a link to the full text.

201104 Bloch, H. B., and D. Sapsford. Trend and cycles in coal and oil prices in the long run: A Schumpeterian approach. download»
201103 Bloch, H. B., and J. S. Metcalfe. Restless knowledge, capabilities and the nature of the modern firm. download»
201102 Thorpe, M. W., and N. C. Leitao. Marginal intra-industry trade and adjustment costs: The Australian experience. download»
201101 Shah, S., and R. Ong. Differences in job security satisfaction between native and migrant workers in Australia: Exploring gender dimensions. download»

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