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Curtin University
Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

Working paper series

The following is a list of Working Papers published by the Centre for Research in Applied Economics. A link to the author's details is provided and where possible, a link to the full text.

200909 Mangano, M. C. Cost-shifting of dialysis treatment in Western Australia: Winners and losers. download»
200908 Bloch, H. B., and D. Sapsford. Terms of trade movements and the global economic crisis: Implications for the Asia-Pacific region. download»
200907 Bloch, H. B. Schumpeter's contribution to price theory. download»
200906 Wills-Johnson, N. B. A cost function for Australia's railways. download»
200905 Wood, G., and R. Ong. Housing afforability dynamics in Australia 2001-06. download»
200904 Ong, R. House price appreciation among elderly home owners in Australia. download»
200902 Wills-Johnson, N. B. Lessons for sustainability from the world's most sustainable culture. download»
200901 Bloch, H. B., P. Fraser, and G. A. MacDonald. Commodity prices: How important are real and nominal shocks? download»

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