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Curtin University
Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

Working paper series

The following is a list of Working Papers published by the Centre for Research in Applied Economics. A link to the author's details is provided and where possible, a link to the full text.

200810 Wills-Johnson, N. B. Price cycles in Perth petrol markets: A spectral analysis. download»
200809 Wills-Johnson, N. B. Railway dreaming: Lessons for economic regulators from Aboriginal resource management lore. download»
200808 Bloch, H. B. A tale of two cities: Cyclical movements in price and productivity in mining and manufacturing. download»
200807 Ong, R., and G. Wood. Mature age employment participation: an analysis of the roles of work incentives, endowment and behaviour. download»
200806 Wills-Johnson, N. B. Assessing the costs of a haulage regime. download»
200805 Wills-Johnson, N. B. Economic governance of railways in a federation. download»
200804 Wills-Johnson, N. B. Delegation or abrogation: The impossibility of objective social welfare maximisation by government. download»
200801 Agbenyegah, B. K., and H. B. Bloch. Growth and productivity in Australia. download»

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