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Curtin University
Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

About the Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

The Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE) was established in July 2006 to strengthen collaboration among applied economists at Curtin University.

Located in the School of Economics and Finance, CRAE supports research into economic and social phenomena that impact on lives in Western Australia, the nation and throughout the world. CRAE’s researchers use a variety of theoretical frameworks and methodologies to inform and evaluate their contributions to the development of both business strategies and public policies on economic and social issues.

The key functions of CRAE are to promote the research interests of members and provide support services to enhance and enable research. This is achieved through developing and enhancing new and existing collaborative research networks; providing facilities for the sharing of research materials and data; maintaining relationships with the relevant professional societies of researchers; and lobbying internal and external partners to support applied economic research activities.

To find out more about CRAE, please see the 2015 Director’s Report.