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Curtin University
Centre for Population Health Research (CPHR)

PHRN - Centre for Data Linkage

The Population Health Research Network - Centre for Data Linkage (CDL) is funded through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) in Australia.

The objective is to build a national infrastructure to support the linkage of population datasets for health research. Through this initiative, research institutes and state jurisdictions engage in research collaborations to address significant population health issues by evaluating current practices guiding innovations that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of health services in Australia.

The Population Health Research Network - Centre for Data Linkage was established in April 2009 within the Centre for Population Health Research at the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI). The primary role for PHRN-CDL is to establish a secure data linkage facility that facilitates linkage between jurisdictional datasets using demographic data. The PHRN-CDL does not hold intact datasets, but creates linkage keys’ for the demographic data that has been separated from the remainder of each dataset. The PHRN-CDL does not hold clinical or health service data which are retained in administrative datasets by the primary data custodians or by individual researchers.

The team of data linkage experts at the PHRN-CDL participate in the design, development and testing of this state-of-the-art national data linkage facility.

In addition to its important role as a secure national data linkage facility, the PHRN-CDL is also responsible for:

  • Research and review of various linkage models and technology landscapes to determine the best model for the PHRN collaboration
  • Assisting with the secure delivery of national linked data to researchers
  • Providing technical advice and assistance to other PHRN data linkage units and key committees
  • Review and development of data quality assurance tools
  • Facilitation of geo-coding of address information

The PHRN-CDL has also been involved in:

  • Evaluation and reporting of commercial and in-house linkage software
  • Development of a security and risk management framework and IT Security plan to ensure safe handling of data during the linkage process
  • Testing linkage capabilities through PHRN Proof of Concept collaborations
  • Development of IT infrastructure

Associate Professor James Boyd

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If you would like any further information on the work of the CDL, please contact:

Associate Professor James Boyd
Curtin University
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Telephone: +61 8 9266 4986