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Curtin University
Centre for Population Health Research (CPHR)


The Centre for Population Health Research (CPHR) conducts research into all aspects of healthcare to improve health service design, management, delivery and outcomes. The success of CPHR is built on strategic research programs built around advancing technical infrastructure and the investigation of data repositories to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

The Centre supports programs of research under the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute theme of Population Health and Health Services Research Program 1. Health Informatics and Genomics Program of Research. Research activities are conducted within an environment that supports skills in data linkage, epidemiology, health economics, and analysis of health information datasets.

The Centre participates in a number of collaborative research programs, including Health Informatics, Spatial Health, WA Safety and Quality of Surgical Care, WA Blood Management, Burns and Injury, Interpersonal Violence and Population Health Genomics.

It has attracted over $43 million in research grants and has produced over 300 published papers, 75 reports and around 300 presentations to state, national and international conferences

The programs contribute to the translation of research into policy and practice aligned with patient blood management, prescriptions for dementia, eye disease, genomics and ethics, health service utilization, cancer, burns, injury, maternal alcohol consumption and adverse childhood outcomes, sexual assault, surgical mortality and record linkage.

Strategic objectives of CPHR

  1. Reduce inequalities in healthcare;
  2. Provide innovative solutions to improve the planning, delivery and outcomes of healthcare;
  3. Reduce healthcare inefficiencies and inpatient time;
  4. Promote best practice in surgical and procedural care;
  5. Promote clinical safety and reduce injury trauma;
  6. Improve medication safety;
  7. Design and develop quality information systems to support health research;
  8. Contribute to the methodological developments in the linkage of State, Commonwealth, and International health-related data:
    • Established the Centre for Data Linkage as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) - Population Health Research Network (;
    • Lead the development of a national spatial health data infrastructure that will support healthcare planning and policy, and the provision of healthcare delivery throughout Australia;
    • Contribute to the International Health Data Linkage Network to support international research initiatives in health.