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Curtin University
Transforming Learning at Curtin

Collaborative learning spaces

In tomorrow’s classroom students sit in groups of up to 12 with white boards and projection displays mounted on walls around the room. Ipads or tablets loaded with the latest software and apps are connected to MOCOWS (Mobile Computer on Wheels) at the end of each group table and students work together to create, resolve, discuss and debate, guided by the mentorship of their teacher. Tomorrow’s classroom can accommodate as many as 100 students and a variety of teaching methods including project-based learning. Teachers are able to lead the class from anywhere in the room and move from group-to-group, providing assistance or advice to individual students, teams, or the entire class.

Courses designed with this approach to active engaged learning will be the norm at Curtin from the beginning of the 2016 academic year. That’s not to say there won’t be any traditional lecture formats, but they will be considerably fewer. Already at Curtin, there are more than 40 collaborative learning classrooms.