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Inside Curtin 2015

In our final episode for 2015 performing arts student Jarryd Dobson presents some colourful stories. There's our inaugural Loud Shirt Day, a fundraiser for hearing awareness, and more great fundraising activity during Curtin’s Relay for Life. We get serious for a moment as we talk to the winners of our Three-minute Thesis competition, and meet the brave staff and students who took part in ride to work day during the wettest day of the month!

Presenter Jarryd Dobson finds out about the services available from the Guild to support students. He talks to the team behind the new mobile app, Hello Curtin, and meets with Row AHEAD Coordinator Cameron Thorn to talk about the progress that is being made by a group of Indigenous high school rowers, and he gets the details of how staff and students can apply for business development program Accelerate.

This week in Inside Curtin student presenter Jarryd Dobson finds out what went on at the Curtin Hackathon. We catch up with Martin Smales, who was born deaf, and is now one of our staff here at Curtin, and the face of this year's fundraiser Loud Shirt Day. We also meet an enthusiastic group of Indigenous high school students as they visit our Bentley campus. 


Student presenter Jarryd Dobson talks to our UniPass team to share the secret to getting top marks in the toughest courses and catches up with our Curtin Volunteers Coordinator to find out about the great community work done by our students and how you can get involved. Jarryd also spoke to Alumni team Michael Haynes and Kirsten Masgai from Future Common about the giant pink art installation that bloomed on campus during Orientation Week.

Curtin student Jaryd Dobson presents this episodes of Inside Curtin, where we celebrate the start of semester 2 by checking out the fun and excitement of O Day; witness the eager anticipation of our new students during orientation week; Learn what all the building activity is about at the end of campus; And find out about this year’s Relay for Life …


 In this week’s Inside Curtin we find out how one of our midwifery students changed the life of a patient; We check out bubble tea on campus and see what all the fuss is about; Hear about the amazing work being done to recreate a famous historical shipwreck in 3 dimensions; And check out some innovative artwork on campus.

Episiode 7 of Inside Curtin also features in our new Curtin TV program, which screens daily at 10am and 2pm in Wesfarmer’s Court and is a mix of campus news, events and student film and design work.


In this episode we attend Curtin’s official signing ceremony as we become a member of the prestigious edx group. We celebrate our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander culture and students at the Yokai Festival; Discover a fantastic program that helps our students earn money while they study; And delve into the exciting world of multimodal research.


In this episode of Inside Curtin we get a sneak preview of the new digital study assistant which is set to revolutionise student life; We see what our science outreach team have been up to in space and down on earth; Meet the man behind the thousands of lecture videos that go online each month; and hear how a seemingly simple work experience placement led to great things for one of our students.


This week on Inside Curtin we catchup with the world’s most celebrated shoeman Jimmy Choo during his exclusive visit to Curtin University; Find out about the innovative and rewarding Earn While You Learn program; Check out the creativity of our first year architecture students as they play in the Curtin sandpit; And get a sneaky insight into the new energy pods coming soon to the library.


Performing Arts student Jarryd Dobson presents the latest episode of Inside Curtin. In the April program we take a sneak peak at Curtin’s groundbreaking MOOC before it’s official release. Featured are some of the highlights from this year’s Festival of Learning; we talk to the people behind the Maker Space initiative at Curtin. We also chat to our young leaders of tomorrow.


In this week’s program we head out to the country to discover Curtin’s new Nyungar Culture and Identity Unit; Find out about this year’s Festival of Learning; Talk to Dr John Fielder about his work with international students, and discover the exciting possibilities presented by Curtin Challenge.


Welcome to Inside Curtin: A round-up of some of the top internal teaching and learning, research and student news stories on campus.


In the first episode of Inside Curtin for 2015 we talk to new-to-Curtin stduents about Orientation Week and find out about Curtin Stadium's new Curtin Experiences Summer Lovin' program. We also meet Guild President Jason Giancono. This week's host is Curtin Stadium events coordinator Megs Crane.