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Curtin Leadership Centre

Some skills you can't learn in class. The Curtin Leadership Centre offers free skills-based development and real-world experience.

You have the flexibility to complete one-off modules out of personal interest, or complete a full stream of modules in either self leadership, team leadership, or both. All of our modules are based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, where leadership is a purposeful, collaborative, values-based process that results in positive social change.

We know that you are busy, so you can complete our modules in any combination of the below modes that best suits your needs.

  • Attend the two-hour face-to-face workshop on campus
  • Participate in the streamed workshop online in real time
  • Complete the online module which includes opportunities for you to discuss your ideas with other online participants. 

To gain accreditation for a leadership stream, you need to complete a full stream of modules in self leadership or team leadership (as shown below), a minimum of 10 hours of practical leadership experience, and a reflection. You may only apply for accreditation of one leadership stream per semester.

Self leadership stream:

  • Introduction to leadership
  • Self awareness
  • Goal setting
  • Ethics
  • Cultural competence
  • Social change in action

Team leadership stream:

  • Introduction to leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public speaking
  • Social change in action

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