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Curtin University
Transforming Learning at Curtin

Our response

Curtin is already a successful international player in higher education. With more than 60,000 students enrolled through seven campuses, in three countries, and an extensive network of partnerships, Curtin has strong foundations on which to build its new model of Teaching and Learning. 

Western Australia’s GMT+8 time zone and new and emerging technologies mean Curtin is now able to offer synchronised classes in many parts of Asia, China, India and Africa, as well as Australia, a total potential market of 2.4 billion  learners.

This is at the core of Curtin’s transformation strategy, announced in early 2013 under the banner of Learning for Tomorrow – Transforming Learning at Curtin. It overhauls the design and delivery of all Curtin courses and enhances the student experience, making it possible to enjoy a genuine Curtin University education from anywhere in the world. 

Curtin will be the most sought after provider of education in GMT+8 providing learners with an innovative, richly interactive, personalised learning experience. Students will choose Curtin because employers choose Curtin graduates.  

student virtuous cycle