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Curtin University
Transforming Learning at Curtin

Our challenge

Higher education is on the cusp of a global revolution! New technologies have resulted in unprecedented global competition and enabled learning to be delivered effectively on a much larger scale. Student expectations of learning have also changed with post study employment and professional success of increasing importance. Employers are also demanding more of new graduates with work experience and professional leadership development highly valued.

To achieve our vision of “a recognised international leader in education and research” Curtin must lead, and even inspire, this inevitable transformation in teaching and learning.

Underpinning Curtin’s approach to this challenge is the desire to “look forever forward” and continue our proven reputation as a university that is bold, innovative and future-focussed. 

students_icon Students have unprecedented choice
technology icon Technology has removed geographic boundaries
employers icon Employers expect job ready leaders
competition icon Competition for funding and resources is increasing
future icon The future of education is global and in Curtin’s timezone