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Curtin University
EDUsummIT 2015

TWG9: Curriculum - advancing understanding of the roles of CS/informatics in the curriculum

Group leaders       

Margaret Cox

Margaret Cox Margaret Cox is Professor of Information Technology in Education at King's College London, and Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne. For outstanding contributions to IT in Education, she was awarded an OBE in 2001; Fellow of the Institute of Physics in May 2003; a Life-long Fellow of NAACE in 2006; Fellow of King’s College London in 2011 and lifelong fellowship of Mirandanet and of ITTE in 2013. She is the current President of the National Conference of University Professors. She was Editor of the Section Researching IT in Education in the International Handbook entitled The use of IT in primary and Secondary Education which formed the foundation of the EDUsummITs. She was a founder member of the EDUsummITs and has been a Programme Committee member in the previous EDUsummITs in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

Mary Webb

Mary Webb Mary Webb is Senior Lecturer in Information Technology in Education at King’s College London, on the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) TC3 Education Executive and Chair of IFIP Working Group 3.3 on Research. Mary is internationally recognised for her research on pedagogy and formative assessment across both Computer Science as a subject and the uses of new technologies for learning. Mary co-chaired the working group "Assessment as, for and of learning in the 21st century" in EDUSummIT 2013. Currently Mary's research and development is focusing on Computer Science Education including on the "Teaching London Computing" Project which is supporting teachers in implementing the new Computing Curriculum.

Andrew Fluck

Andrew Fluck Dr Andrew Fluck trained as a teacher and taught in Nigeria, England and Australia. He has worked at the University of Tasmania since 1995 as a teacher educator specialising in information technology. His research is focused on the transformational potential of computers in education. His research projects Calculus for Kids, eExams and Science-ercise, have demonstrated the ability to revolutionise curriculums in Australia. Dr Fluck’s highly successful eExam system has received an Australian Government grant to be trialled in universities nationwide. Internationally, he is the vice-chair of a UNESCO working group (3.3) on research into educational applications of information technologies. Andrew is an avid longbow archer at Paringa, and serves as judges’ director for Tasmania.

Group members

  • Charoula Angeli-Valanides
  • Eric Bruillard
  • Yousra Chtouki
  • Mark Dorling
  • Joyce Malyn-Smith
  • Richard Millwood
  • Torsten Reiners
  • Jason Zagami