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Curtin University
EDUsummIT 2015

TWG7: Indicators of quality technology-enhanced teaching and learning

Group leaders

Nancy Law

Professor Nancy Law is currently Deputy Director of the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) in the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong, after serving as its Founding Director for 15 years from 1998. She is also the corresponding co-convenor of the Sciences of Learning Strategic Research Theme of the University. Her research interests include international comparative studies of pedagogical innovations and information technology, models of ICT integration in schools and change leadership, computer supported collaborative learning and the use of expressive and exploratory computer-based learning environments.

Dale Niederhauser

Dale Niederhauser Professor Dale Niederhauser is department chair for the Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies department at West Virginia University. He has been an active scholar focused on technology-using teacher development, technology integration, learning from hypertext, and distance learning and served as President of the International Society for Technology in Education Special Interest Group for Teacher Educators, and also chaired the American Educational Research Association Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group.

Rhonda Christensen

Rhonda Christensen Rhonda Christensen, Ph.D. is a research scientist in the Learning Technologies Department in the College of Information at the University of North Texas. She is an associate director of the Institute for the Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning at UNT. She is a Co-PI for the Going Green! Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World (MSOSW) project funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovative Technologies Program. She serves as the Chair of the IT Council at SITE. She has co-authored and taught a pre-service technology integration course for more than 15 years. She also teaches doctoral courses on research design and analysis. Her research interests are the impact of technology integration in education, enhancing STEM education in middle schools and mobile learning in education.

Esther Care

Esther Care Esther Care is an Associate Professor at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Linda Shear

Linda Shear Linda Shear is the director of international studies in SRI International's Center for Technology in Learning.

Group members    

Attended EDUsummIT Bangkok meeting 14-15 September 2015:

  • Hans van Bergen
  • Pieter Hogenbirk
  • Bent Andresen           
  • David Smith
  • Jill Downie
  • Jonghwi Park
  • Allan Christie
  • Louise Starkey
  • Tania Broadley

Unable to attend EDUsummIT Bangkok meeting:

  • Peggy Ertmer
  • Peter Twining
  • Shirley M C Yeung
  • Keryn Pratt
  • Rosa Maria Bottino
  • Sarah Younie
  • Jutima Methaneethorn
  • Dianne Chambers