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Teaching Excellence

The Teaching Excellence at Curtin Criteria and Standards reflect the full scope of educational practice by academics in teaching roles at Curtin.


The Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows is a network for the support of quality learning and teaching in Australian Higher Education. It provides connections, upcoming events and hot topics in higher education.


View an overview of the Teaching Excellence framework defining excellence in teaching and learning.

  • Criterion 1: Associate Professor Lisa Tee from the School of Pharmacy explains her approach to designing and planning learning activities, units and courses.
  • Criterion 2: Professor Simon Lewis from Forensic and Analytical Chemistry, explains his approach to supporting student learning
  • Criterion 3: Associate Professor Lynne Roberts from the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology explains her approach to assessment and feedback.
  • Criterion 4: Dr Nicoleta Maynard from the Faculty Science and Engineering, Engineering Education Development, explains her approach to developing effective learning environments, student support and guidance.
  • Criterion 5: Associate Professor Reena Tiwari from the School of Built Environment explains her approach to the integration of scholarship, research and professional activities with teaching and in support of student learning.
  • Criterion 6: Dr Margo Brewer, Director Practice & Interprofessional Education, Faculty of Health Sciences on the strategies she uses to evaluate educational practice and continuing professional learning.
  • Criterion 7: Associate Professor Cesar Ortega-Sanchez, Engineering Foundation Year Academic Lead on how to provide evidence of teaching excellence for professional and personal effectiveness.

See how Dr Natalie Lloyd, from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, flipped her classroom.

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Curtin’s Teaching Excellence criteria are designed to be broad and flexible, whilst providing a robust and valid definition of excellent teaching within the Curtin context.