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Distributed Learning

Distributed learning eliminates the isolation of distance and supports student engagement in collaborative learning in a face to face environment. The learning spaces are equipped to foster active learning and collaboration between groups of students and offer lecturers the opportunity to engage all cohorts equally in engaging real-time learning activities and include live presentations by industry and other content experts.

Teaching in a Distributed Learning Space professional learning program will assist staff teaching in distributed technology-enabled learning spaces. The sessions demonstrate the interactivity and learning opportunities offered by teaching in a distributed learning.


Good Practice - Curtin Business School


Good Practice - Remote Lab


Good Practice - Health Sciences

Blended Synchronous Learning, an OLT Project,

Distributed learning space means it has the capabilities of a collaborative learning space as well as the capability to broadcast the class simultaneously to another location. This suits teaching the same unit at another campus or room if you need multiple classes at the same time. The classrooms are video and web conference enabled.

The rooms are set up with cameras to allow the lecturer to walk around the room and show what is happening in the teaching space, including interaction with students.

The following rooms are web-conference only enabled:

  • Building 204 Room 119 and 120
  • Building 211 Room 139, 221 and 222/223
  • Building 300 Room 215 and 218/219
  • Building 400 Room 222 and 249/250
  • Building 401 Room 152 and 155
  • Building 405 Room 204 and 205/206
  • Building 407 Room 309
  • Building 501 Room 101, 102, 103, 117/118, 202, 203-204, 217-218

The following rooms are video and web-conference enabled:

  • Building 105 Room 107
  • Building 204 Room 118 (Video conferencing only) and 122
  • Building 211 Room 230
  • Building 300 Room 214 and 217
  • Building 400 Room 219 and 305
  • Building 402 Room 225 and 226
  • Building 407 Room 305 and 307
  • Building 501 Room 116, 201
  • Building 703 Room 212 (Kalgoorlie)
  • Building Prinia 3-102 (Video conferencing only) (Miri Campus, Sarawak, Malaysia)

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Curtin conducted a pilot in 2013 in the Curtin converged model to distribute nursing education to the Pilbara in collaboration with the Pilbara Institute (currently integrated under North Regional TAFE) in Port Hedland. Delivery was enabled by high-end video conferencing technology, supported by online learning resources and enriched face-to-face teaching. From 2014 onwards Curtin will have twelve collaborative learning spaces with distribution capabilities to support student engagement.