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Curtin University
Curtin Learning Institute

Professor Rick Ladyshewsky

Curtin Graduate School of Business

Professor Rick Ladyshewsky has several leadership specialisations in teaching and learning, the first in the area of peer coaching where he is regarded as an expert by the international coaching community. The second is in the leadership of learning, Rick has been a part of several nationally funded project teams promoting academic leadership at the program level for Course Coordinators and Fieldwork Coordinators. The third is in the area of online teaching, he has been involved in online teaching for 14 years and has been central to the success of the Curtin Graduate Business School’s flexible learning approach, which combines face to face, online and blended units as part of its curriculum. Rick can contribute to the Curtin Academy at many levels as a result of his tenure at Curtin University.

Areas of contribution include:

  1. Using peer coaching to increase student achievement, retention and engagement.
  2. Strategies for more effective online teaching and unit design.
  3. Leadership skills for more effective course management.