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Curtin University
Curtin Learning Institute

Professor Dawn Bennett

Faculty of Humanities

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning has underpinned Professor Dawn Bennett’s work for over 20 years as a teacher, head of program, supervisor, researcher and academic leader. Dawn conveys a passion for motivating and engaging others and a discipline of building practice through reflection and feedback. Her work on enhancing employability in the arts and humanities is influential internationally and has resulted in the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Inspirational Leadership (2013) and the LH Martin Awards for Leadership Excellence (2014). Contributions include curricular renewal, higher education and industry boards, ground-breaking research, grant and journal reviews and assessments, and mentorship.

As a member of the Curtin Academy Professor Bennett will continue her work to resolve the tension between the research, service and teaching identities of higher education academics. This has become a pressing issue in Australia over the past decade, with the advent of research quality metrics and changes to the business models of higher education institutions driven by new funding formulas and accountabilities. Initiatives include mentorship of senior staff to work with early and mid-career academic ‘collectives’, cross-disciplinary writing workshops, research into the characteristics of academic work and research training, and the support of colleagues engaging in educational research and scholarship.