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Curtin University
Curtin Learning Institute

Dr Daniel Southam

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Daniel is a passionate advocate of active learning, where he crafts engaging social environments blended with effective use of technology that support student success. His broad aim is to improve students’ perceptions of science, which enables real deepening of their understanding and enjoyment during learning. Daniel has demonstrated interest and expertise in the dynamic relationship between science education research and its application to practice, where he explores issues of educational measurement in different sociocultural contexts, and employs strategies for involving and informing academic colleagues to contribute to this agenda.

Daniel will utilise his skills to assist colleagues in their development of learning environments and associated curricula, and to evidence student gains in many domains. He will support and mentor staff by developing effective communities of practice that drive innovation in teaching and learning aligned to Curtin’s strategies. He has four aims to: foster innovation, development and enhancement of student learning; promote a culture of evidence-informed teaching excellence at Curtin; support communication of the scholarship developed and; provide advice on the adoption of innovative practice that informs and supports Curtin’s teaching and learning proprieties.