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Curtin University
Curtin Learning Institute

Curtin Academy Priorities and Activities

The nature and scope of activities are determined by the Curtin Academy Executive in line with Curtin’s strategic learning and teaching priorities. The Curtin Academy priorities for 2015 are;

  • Writer's Retreats scheduled
  • Academic Conversations (professional development sessions)
  • Applying and understanding the new academic roles
  • Learning the new academic roles
  • Bridging the teaching-research divide
  • Equitable access to professional elearning
  • Promotion and career pathways for all academic staff
  • Supporting and fostering innovation in teaching

Activities include; mentoring, peer review of teaching; participation in special projects, visiting scholars, building national and international relationships, special interest groups, communities of practice, strategic planning, leadership and advice.

Curtin Academy News

Volume 1, Issue 1