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2019 Learning and Teaching Grants

2019 ATN Commissioned Learning and Teaching Grants - CALL FOR PROPOSALS

ATN Commissioned Grants support research, development and innovation related to the enhancement of learning and teaching in higher education. The applications should address at least one of the ATN priority areas listed in the Guidelines.

Applicants are required to ensure that the perspectives of all ATN institutions are taken into consideration in the development of their project and must demonstrate suitability of the project for all ATN institutional contexts.

A total amount of $250,000 is available for the Commissioned Grants. Each successful grant application will share a proportion of this total amount.

Please note that all applications must be submitted through Curtin Learning and Teaching for review prior to being submitted to the ATN Office.

If you intend to apply for a grant, please inform Dr David McConnell at, Curtin Learning and Teaching so that you can be kept informed of the internal review process and dates. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 31 October 2018.

It is estimated that applicants will be notified by ATN of the outcome of an application by mid-December 2018. Guidelines and the application form can be found on the ATN website.

2019 Curtin Learning and Teaching Grants Scheme

Curtin learning and teaching grant schemes aim to provide funding to support Curtin staff in development activities and capacity-building approaches that foster excellence and Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoLT). These grants support Curtin’s vision for 2020: to position Curtin on the international stage as a leader in the provision of quality teaching and research, and supports the vision to effect change and make a real difference.

There are opportunities for Curtin staff to involve ATN partners in their Curtin Learning and Teaching Grants proposals. An applicant may indicate their interest in developing their proposal for a larger project that involves partnerships with ATN institutions. The Curtin Grants Scheme Committee will only consider significant projects that: have a solid evidence base, address a strategic priority and prompt systemic impact for Curtin and partner ATN institution(s).

As well as encouraging grant applications that include ATN partners, the University encourages applications that work across the Curtin campuses to help promote 'One Curtin' thinking and ways of working.

2019 Curtin Grants Project Proposal 2019 Curtin Grants Guidelines 

Recipients of 2017 Curtin Grants are listed below:

# Grant type Project title Project team Faculty Priority Funding
9 Innovation Developing an online learning resource on Indigenous Research Methodologies Ms Carol Dowling (co-lead); Dr Darren Garvey (co-lead); Dr Shaouli Shahid; Ms Francine Eades; Ms Kelly Prandl: Dr Emily Castell; and Dr Janie Brown Centre for Aboriginal Studies Employability skills for the 21st Century $23,213.50
 7 Innovation Using Live Case Teaching to Transform Student Learning Assoc Prof Sonia Dickinson (lead); Prof Gayle Kerr (QUT); Mrs Bridget Tombleson; Dr Aneeshta Gunness; Assoc Prof Eva Dobozy; Mr Leigh Terry (IPG Mediabrands /QUT); Mrs Danielle Norrish (CCWA) Curtin Business School  Designing learning for the future  $20,521.60
 20 Innovation
The national graduate employability agenda: developing socially responsible leaders for the 21st century Assoc Prof Linley Lord (lead); Prof Kerry Pedigo; Assoc Prof Kantha Dayaram;  Assoc Prof Joanne Cys (UniSA); Prof Dawn Bennett  Curtin Business School   Employability skills for the 21st Century $22,409.76 
Developing, implementing, and evaluating a theoretically-based intervention to increase student engagement with PASS
Mr Peter Allen (lead), plus Mr Raphael Pereira; Assoc Prof Barbara Mullen; Ms Roselynn Lang; Ms Amanda Smith; Ms Melissa Zaccagnini, (University of Wollongong).   Health Sciences
Assessment and promotion of student learning
 6 Innovation
Architecturing health: Reimaging professions beyond traditional boundaries
Ms Margo Brewer (lead);

Assoc Prof Khoa Do; Dr Francesco Mancini; Mr Yasas Botenne;  Dr Helen Flavell
Health Sciences
Employability skills for the 21st Century  $22,575.00
Using standard setting to ensure defensible credentialing of physiotherapy students Mr Peter Gardner leading four teams; T1: Peter Gardner; Peter Robinson; W Gibson; Anne Furness, T2: Kate Smith, Meg Harrold; Tracy Redwood, T3: Michelle Kendell; Sharon Perry; Mervyn Travers, T4: Liz Bainbridge; Liz Bell; Trudi Fischer  Health Sciences
Assessment and promotion of student learning  $24,730.82
 13  Innovation
Reaching across the divide: Aboriginal Elders and academics working together Dr Antonia Hendrick (lead); Dr Michael Wright; Mrs Kate Duncanson; Ms Paula Clough; Ms Sally Hunter and Nyungar Elders. Health Sciences
Employability skills for the 21st Century  $25,000.00
 14  Innovation
Mastery or avoidance? Student reactions to learning analytic messages Mr Joel Howell (lead) and Assoc Prof Lynne Roberts Health Sciences
Learning analytics $22,248.10
 16  Innovation Simulation-based Learning in Higher Education: an Investigation into Return on Investment Mrs Alison Kelly (lead); Assoc Prof Michelle Kelly and Ms Margo Brewer  Health Sciences
Designing learning for the future $11,331.10
 26  Innovation A guide to fieldwork success: Developed with millennial students for millennial students Mrs Michelle Quail (lead); Mr Alan Reubenson;  Ms Sally Hunter; Mrs Sue White; Ms Jessica Colliver;  Dr Linda Portsmouth; Miss Amanda McCallum; Mrs Tracey Mckernan; Ms Margo Brewer; Ms Brooke Sanderson; Dr Helen Flavell and Ms Susan Gilbert-Hunt (UniSA) Health Sciences
Employability skills for the 21st Century  $18,502.30
 27  Innovation Developing and validating a measure of psychological literacy to assess global citizenship
Assoc Prof Lynne Roberts (lead); Assoc Prof Natalie Gasson; Dr Lauren Breen and Assoc Prof Andrea Chester (RMIT)  Health Sciences
Employability skills for the 21st Century  $22,824.00
 Seed Development and evaluation of guidelines for writing and review of single-best answer (SBA) test items. Dr Ajanthy Arulpragasam (lead); Dr Simone Duncan; Dr Mara Blosfelds; Mrs Jaci Mason; Assoc Prof Georgina Fyfe; Associate Prof Sandra Kemp  Health Sciences
Assessment and promotion of student learning  
 35  Seed Optimising student assessment and feedback to drive the learning of Anatomy through an interactive automated system Dr Beatriz IR de Oliveira (lead); Dr Mervyn Travers; Mr John Owens; Ms Anne Furness  Health Sciences
Assessment and promotion of student learning $9,984.00
 8  Innovation E4 Design Engagement Model (E4DEM) for students and staff: the adoption of design thinking pedagogy and practice for engagement in learning & teaching. Assoc Prof Khoa Do (lead); Dr Boon Ong Lay; Dr Francesco Mancini; Dr Tanja Glusac; Dr Pat Halloran; Dr Ruth Taylor; Dr Louis Geneste; Dr Megan Le Clus; Assoc Prof Werner Soontiens; Mrs Hannah Wilkinson; Dr Robin Barrington; Ms Margo Brewer and Prof Teri Balser
Humanities Designing learning for the future  $21,482.81 
 17  Innovation Internet of Things (IoT) Education: Implications for Students with Disabilities Dr Mike Kent (lead); Dr Katie Ellis; Dr Scott Hollier; Ms Natalie Latter; Dr Gwyneth Peaty  Humanities Designing learning for the future $24,984.29
 19  Innovation Competition-based testing in cyber security education Assoc Prof Mihai Lazarescu (lead);

Dr Sie Teng Soh; Assoc Prof Iain Murray; Dr Hannes Herrmann; Mr Mark Upston
Science and Engineering
Assessment and promotion of student learning
 24  Innovation ATN-Cisco Super Academy Assoc Prof Iain Murray (lead); Dr Hannes Herrmann; Ms Nazanin Mohammadi;  Dr Azadeh Nazemi; Dr Suzie Robinson (ATN); Mr Tom Goerke (Cisco) Science and Engineering
Designing learning for the future   $25,000.00
 29  Innovation Curtin graduates as digital creators: Computational thinking for twenty-first century employability Dr Daniel Southam (lead);  Prof Teri Balser; Prof Andrew Rohl Science and Engineering
Employability skills for the 21st Century   $20,000.00
 31  Innovation Self-guided geosciences field excursions utilising mobile device application software Dr Megan Walske (lead); Dr Allison Dugdale; Dr David McMeekin; Mr George Hayden  Science and Engineering
Designing learning for the future $18,708.29 
 37  Seed Using marking criteria as an effective learning device in a first year unit (INDE1001) Dr Kristoffer McKee (lead); Ms Kelly Prandl; Dr Emily Castell; Mr Joel Howell  Science and Engineering
Assessment and promotion of student learning $8,983.00