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Curtin University
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Faculty awards for teaching excellence

Faculty Teaching Awards recognise teachers (individuals and teams) for the excellence of their teaching and a broad and deep contribution to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at Curtin. The Faculty awards generally mirror the Curtin Excellence in Teaching (EIT) Awards and are viewed as a formative process in the development towards a Curtin EIT Award.

Curtin Business School (CBS)

Dean Teaching and Learning - Prof Paul De Lange

Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS)

Acting Dean Teaching and Learning - Ms Robin Barrington

Health Sciences

Information about the Health Sciences Excellence in Teaching Awards can be found on the Awards tab of the Health Sciences 'About us' page.

Dean Teaching and Learning - Dr Georgina Fyfe


Members of the Humanities Faculty are invited to nominate individuals or small groups from within the Faculty who have made an original, worthwhile, and innovative contribution to the goals of the Faculty.

Dean Teaching and Learning - Prof Kerry Pedigo

Science and Engineering

Information on Science and Engineering Faculty Teaching Awards can be found on the their Staff Intranet (password protected) in the Documents section, on the Teaching and Learning (T & L) tab.

Dean Teaching and Learning - Teri Balser